What is mobile GIS? Your own data on one or more mobile devices is the new GIS experience in the field. GIS 2go is the world's first GIS-app which allows you to easily save Esri's ArcGIS Desktop maps to your mobile device for offline use. Our ArcGIS Desktop Add-in manages everything for you – from data selection and export to data re-import via the cloud. When using the app "Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go" on your mobile device, you will have immediate access to your maps, including all object data – even if there is no data connection (offline maps). Graphic notes and photographs you have created on the go can be imported into ArcGIS Desktop. You can download the GIS-app directly from the  Apple App Store (for iOS) or from the Google Play Store (for Android).
Test the new mobile GIS experience now: Simply click here to create a free account to test the synchronization of your mobile maps.

Download  und in der Cloud registrieren
Download GIS app Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go from the AppStore or Google Play

Download the GIS app "Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go" from the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).

Download the GIS 2go Add-in and install it in ArcGIS Desktop.

Create an account for Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go. We offer different kinds of commercial accounts as well as a free demo account. With our demo account you are able to test the full functionality for one device and for up to 500 MB of storage. Click here to create your demo account.

Offline Kartenausschnitt wählen
Create mobile GIS map with the GIS 2go add-in for ArcGIS Desktop

Open your ArcGIS Desktop and select the section of your map you want to synchronize. Then use the add-in to export all map layers in the selected area that you want to use while on the go.

The add-in automatically uploads the generated mobile map to the cloud. You can then load the map from the cloud to your mobile device though the menu in your app.

More information can be found in our tutorials and FAQ.

Karten anzeigen und Notizen machen
Load use offline GIS-maps on your iPad or Android Tablet with the GIS app

Once loaded to the app, you will always have access to your maps – even offline. You may add or remove layers and interactively navigate on the map and display object attributes.

While on the move, you may also add points, lines and areas using the graphic notebook and then complement them with photos or simply add a comment.

And best of all, with the add-in you can easily import all your notes back to your ArcGIS Desktop.

Mehrere Endgeräte und mehr Speicher anfordern
Get mobile GIS package of your choice and use the mobile GIS app for offline GIS on your iPad or Android-Tablet

Do you like our solution? Would you like to use it productively or share your maps with more users?

Simply click here to select one of our packages that best meets your requirements. All accounts are available as a monthly or yearly subscription.



Creating and managing mobile maps

  • Creating mobile maps from ArcGIS maps
  • Selecting a map section, layers and scale range
  • Determining the edit options of layers in the app
  • Managing the mobile maps provided in the cloud
  • Importing the notes created with a portable device into the ArcGIS map

Media and document management

  • Displaying media and documents linked to map objects on the desktop
  • Allocating media and documents to map objects
Create your offline GIS map from ArcGIS Desktop with the GIS 2go add-in
Create your offline GIS map from ArcGIS Desktop with the GIS 2go add-in

GIS App:

The mobile expert map

  • Providing as many maps as desired; limited by tablet memory capacity only
  • Zooming and moving using touch gestures
  • Using the compass functionality
  • Moving to the current location via GPS
  • Displaying map object data
  • Displaying map object-related documents and media files
  • Showing and hiding map layers
  • Deleting map layers or adding them from other map
  • Displaying distance and bearing to a specific destination

The graphic notebook

  • Adding text notes to the map
  • Capturing free point, line or area objects on the map
  • Describing graphic elements using object data
  • Taking photos and allocating them to the map objects
  • Exporting graphic notes for the desktop map
Use your GIS maps offline and create offline graphic notes with GIS 2go mobile GIS on Android-Tablets or iPads
Use your GIS maps offline and create offline graphic notes with GIS 2go mobile GIS on Android-Tablets or iPads

Editing features and attributes offline

  • Editing geometries
  • Verifying mandatory fields
  • Providing order and visibility of feature attributes
  • Displaying default attribute values
  • Selecting attributes from value lists
Tree features in the mobile map
Value list example

The Add-in: Exporting Maps and Uploading them to the Server

The GIS 2go add-in for ArcGIS Desktop: Select GIS-maps for offline use on your iPad or Android-Tablet

The App: Downloading and Displaying Maps

The GIS 2go app: Load GIS-maps offline and use the maps on your tablet

The App: Managing Layers and Displaying Attribute Data

The GIS 2go app: Manage your GIS-Layers offline and display attribute data

The App: Adding Notes and Exporting them to the Desktop Map

The GIS 2go app: Add offline GIS-Notes, photos and videos and sync them back to the Desktop GIS

Select one of our packages. All packages offer the same basic features and are tailored to the maximum number of mobile devices and hosting space you need.

Or order one of our packages specifically tailored to meet your needs:

Teamwork account
Teamwork 10 account
Field force account

In some countries prices are subject to VAT.

Would you like to upgrade your account in order to use additional mobile devices or do you need more hosting space? Simply get in touch with us. We will be glad to provide you with a quote that best suits your needs.

You are not sure yet what account you need? Benefit from our offer to test the functionality. Get now a demo account free of charge and with no obligation. You can use this account with one mobile device of your choice and gain insight into GIS 2go, giving you 500 MB of free space. Please note: Since a demo account is created for testing purposes only, we reserve the right to close the account and delete the test data after 6 weeks.

Note: In certain cases, our e-mail might be sent to your spam folder. If you don't receive our e-mnail, please check your spam folder and declare the e-mail as "trustworthy/no spam".

Download the tools that you need for a successful start with GIS 2go.
In our tutorials and FAQ you will find helpful tips and advice on GIS 2go.

You have checked the FAQ and the tutorials, but you couldn't find an answer to your question? Would you like to upgrade your account in order to use additional mobile devices or do you need more hosting space? Or would you like to make a comment or suggestion about GIS 2go?
Feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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